Month Of Mindfuless Downloads

Month Of Mindfuless Downloads

Happy October! October is all about fostering mindfulness, and we've curated a special month of activities just for your little ones! Each week, we'll be sharing a new and exciting mindful activity that's perfect for kids, designed to help them develop focus, kindness, and awareness. The free mindful download will be available here weekly and the awesome part is once the challenge is over the downloads will still be available!

Week 1: Mindful Breathing (Breath Awareness)

Teach children the basics of deep breathing. You can call it "Balloon Breathing."
Encourage them to place a hand on their belly and take slow, deep breaths, imagining they're inflating a balloon in their tummy.
Practice this mindful breathing technique together every day for a few minutes.

Please find this weeks mindful activty here

Please be sure to tag us and your little doing this weeks mindful activity.

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