3 ways to implement our “Affirmation For Littles” flashcards into your daily routine.

3 ways to implement our “Affirmation For Littles”  flashcards into your daily routine.

Using Affirmations for your little ones is such an important way to work on instilling confidence in them at a young age. As a person who practices affirmations it was only right that I created a product that not only helped my little but all the littles. In each set we include an activity set for you and your little with ways you can practice affirmations daily. Listed below are 3  ways that you can practice affirmation with your littles ranging from different age groups.

  1. School age- Every day let your little pick from the deck and once their daily affirmation is picked place it somewhere around your home or if your little is in school send it to school with them in their lunchbox. Lunch is typically mid-day so it gives your little a little reminder in the middle of their day
  2. Toddlers- Use them as a flashcard game. Since my little one is still a toddler and learning how to form words/sentences, we go through the cards like a flashcard. I read them off and when I am done he takes them and sits them down like a game. It gets him involved and he gets excited for the next card.
  3. Babies- When they are tiny although they can't interact they are taking in everything you are saying. Simply reading them off to your baby everyday and talking with him/her ( I did this with Amir when I first created his affirmation book) will help it become a routine when they are older.

Affirmations For Littles are really the perfect tool to help your little build confidence and develop a growth mindset. Each affirmation was created mindfully and I am so happy you have invested into helping your little soar into the confident little you know they can be.

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